Sunshine photography and the indispensible lens hood

July 14, 2014

Sourced from David Peterson's lens hood article

Sourced from David Peterson’s lens hood article

Sunshine provides a great backdrop but getting the exposer correct is a challenge. While gadgets are a requirement for any serious photographer, some are better than others. So, what about the lens hood?

Overlooking the inconveince of attaching a lens hood for a couple of spontaneous shots a lens hood is an invaluable tool to help make use of nature’s greatest light source. Get the wrong type and a lens hood will be responsible for trendy, but in most cases unhelpful, vignetting.

David Peterson at digital photo secrets takes the time to talk through the uses of a lens hood to help photographers better understand how nifty the gadget is:

If we better understood the hood’s many uses, then we can begin to realize its value and indispensability.

Aside from primarily preventing lens flare from ruining a shot a lens hood can be great for lens protection and even allow for better contrasts. However, it is important to pay attention to Peterson’s warning, the old addage:

do a simple test to check its compatibility.

Do you like vignetting? When do you use a lens hood?

Sam Dickinson July 15, 2014 at 5:11 am

If you’re getting vignetting from your lens hood, you’re using the wrong one and it’s too long. A lens hood is something I permanently (unless deliberately going for flare) keep attached to my lens as it increases contrast and protects your lens from knocks and bumps.

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