Thunderbolt, Primes and Sync Speed

March 16, 2011

Other than the flowing reports and updates of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami there has been a few interesting tid bits that may have slipped under the radar. recently posted a rumor about the upcoming Nikon D4 arriving with Intel’s Thunderbolt interface as well as hinting that there is something coming on April 4th, likely to be the Nikon D5100 or their mirrorless camera. also reports that Canon has joined the Thunderbolt party with a post reporting that “Canon is excited” about the Thunderbolt technology and the increases in connection speed that it will offer. There is also another update on the possible timetable for the 1Ds Mk IV and the 5D Mk III, to arrive in April and October resepectively.

Intel Thunderbolt

Intel Thunderbolt and both posted that Sigma is likely to add to their successful fast prime line up,  with 24mm F/1.4, 35mm F/1.4 and 135mm F/2 lenses likely to surface in the future.

If you have ever felt missed the unlimited flash sync of your Nikon D70/D70s or D40, it appears that your D7000 can also sync faster than its specified 1/320 by using a similar tape trick, but this time only up to 1/400 and 1/500 if you dont mind risking losing a bit off the bottom. Thanks Strobist….maybe it is time for us to consider producing modified SC-17’s?


Candidate for TTL-less SC-17 mod??

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