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Being an evolution on the D4 it seems as if the D4S was always going to be a 5 star model. However, does the camera live up to the marketing promises when tested by professional photographers? Well as it happens Pocket-lint have had a practical play with the new model and produced a review. Authored by working […]

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Yesterday Sony Alpha Rumors reported Sony had fulfilled one of their long held ambitions and managed to pip past Canon in sales figures, well only in Korea but it’s a start. This could be seen as an validation in the strategic value of mirrorless cameras especially in the fight back against smart phones, and yet […]


An official announcement from Pentax detailing their new 645Z is expected later today. However, the cat is mostly out of the bag after some pretty exciting specs were leaked across various photog websites over the weekend. The pre-release leaks have left fans being able to guess the likely content of Pentax’s announcement and the camera’s […]

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Brand loyalty among camera users is incredibly strong.  When you buy a camera your more than likely to upgrade within the same brand in the future, possibly because of the comfort of familiar operating systems or because both the two major brands in the DSLR market offer quality models and to stay competitive have remained […]

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Nikon D4s officially unveiled

February 25, 2014

Today Nikon took the D4s out of the glass box and officially announced their new camera. Within a lengthy and adjective heavy press release key details such as a start date of March 6th for shipping and a price tag of $6500 stood out over changes to the processor or video capabilities.

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