What the “drone” is going on…

hbw4rnl5gx0lwpvn63biWhile chatter about cameras has gone quite this week, chatter in the photographic, and gadget community about drones is only getting louder. A few months back it seemed government agencies were starting to fire warning shots at rogue drone photographers by taking irresponsible snappers to court. Technically anyone who is experimenting with drone photography is called a pilot but this is an analogy comparable to witch doctor and hospital doctor. Yet, at the same time with drones being the latest gadget for tech enthusiasts to “wow” over, their well earned rep as a big persons toy is deserved because, they are really, really cool. And, they have helped to produce some unbelievable shots especially of action sports.

Insurance – Why Bother?

When it comes to insurance the question to answer is “Why Bother?” The always accessible and interesting blog over at PhotoShelter has released a new guide, this time tackling insurance. It’s always a bit of a gamble taking out insurance and often feels like it’s throwing money down the drain, since unless its a major claim the hassle it takes to recover small charges makes it seem like it’s not worth pursuing. Then again, the irregular story of a photog discovering their kit has been pilfered from their locked car is a sober reminder of how unlike with other people the means by which a photographer can earn a living can suddenly be jeopardized.

“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it”


PetaPixel picked up on a compilation of quotes put together by photographer Tammy Lamoureux and originally posted on the Curated Quotes website. Artists of any form need new and continuous inspiration to draw out their best work. The Curated Quotes website offers that in heaps and apart from inspiring waves of optimism it shows how a good quote of a few words can make the strongest of impressions.  After seeing PetaPixels post a visit to the Curated Quotes website became – at least for a short time – a soul searching session, before the need to get back to work put an end to this bout of aimless, mental, existential wandering.