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Ebook Review: Seeing the Light by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Beyond cameras, lenses and assorted gear, photography needs one thing: Light. A simple truth: If you don’t have light you don’t get photographs. Learning and mastering light is a life long endeavor for a photographer. How do you harness it? Shape it? Sculpt it?

Seeing the Light: Making the most of Available Light and Minimal Equipment, an ebook by travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich, is detailed resource for photographers, explaining the mysteries of light and how to best use it. Kanashkevich is a minimalist. As a travel photographer working in remote locales he uses only what he can carry.

While the minimalist approach has drawbacks, says Kanashkevich in his introduction, “There has always been a tremendous amount of creative opportunities even without artificial light, so when you use something as simple as a reflector in combination with sunlight or a single flash with light from a fire or a light bulb, our creative opportunities multiply.“

Seeing the light has three sections: Flash, Reflector Light, and Natural Light. Each section starts with an explanation of the gear Kanashkevich uses. His flash section gear list includes a flash, a trigger, a softbox, and color gels. Following a brief introduction to flash settings, exposure, and balancing ambient and artificial light, the flash section uses a series of photographs and lighting diagrams to explain using flash with and without ambient light, indoor and outdoors, as well as working with light bulbs and fires.

Phottix big live view displays and flash trigger at PMA 2010

Team Phottix unveiled three other new products during PMA 2010 in Anaheim, California.

The new Phottix Strato is a 2.4 GHz wireless flash trigger for speedlight-type flashes and studio strobes. What makes the Phottix Strato different is a hot shoe attachment on the transmitter. Photographers can mount a flash on the transmitter (on camera) and use TTL flash functions and auto-focus assist lights. The transmitter will also trigger a remote flash using a Strato receiver (in manual mode).

Based on suggestions from wedding photographers, Phottix developed the Strato to give shooters both the freedom of TTL and the ability to trigger fill flashes. The Phottix Strato will be ready in April 2010. Final specifications and sales information will be released when available.

The Phottix Hero and Phottix Hector Live View Remotes have won innovation awards for their functionally and uses. Adding to this celebrated product line Phottix will be releasing the Hector 9HD and the Hero 7.

Phottix Weekly Photo: Day 29/365: Dropped my face

This week Phottix Weekly Photo comes from Vaudevillian Veteran  / Adrian K posted to the to the Phottix Photos group.  Another great photo taken with Phottix Professional Photo Accessories. Shooting water drops isn’t easy. He’s happy with his shot – taking about 30 mins and 170 shots to get this image. Phottix Professional Photo Accessories…