Phottix Weekly Photo: More pickin’

This week’s Phottix Weekly Photo comes from jharris_photography. More pickin’ – Day 19/365, was posted to the Phottix Photos group on flickr – another great photo taken with Phottix Professional Photo Accessories. The details: SB-26 in honl snoot, camera left, about 45 deg at 1/32. 430 EXII, high right and back with 1/2 blue gel…

Coming to terms: Photographer Mark Hobbs

Phottix Photog Friday is back from its sabbatical. This week meet photographer and Renaissance man Mark Hobbs. A China-based shooter, his work is comprised of amazing images – real life, real people, in one of the world’s fastest developing economies. How does Mark work? What are his secrets? Does he have any advice? Learn more about Mark in Phottix’s Photog Friday…

Name: Mark Hobbs

Country of residence: China (Currently)

Brief Bio: Man Where do I begin? Film maker, Director, Producer, Graphic Designer, Artist, English/Cultural Studies Teacher, Cook. Father, Partner….trying to come to terms with the ways of the “middle kingdom” through photography and art – Life and experiences are reflected with photos, art, design and musings on China.

How did you first get interested in photography? Since “High School” Came to China and picked up a camera after 20 years

What do you like to shoot? People, Landscapes and of course my daughter.